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ark Elf is a strategic online game from the realm of Lord of the Rings. This game features a unique large scale map, where you can observe other players, their cities, armies and heroes.

After registration, you start with a few soldiers in a poor land. As time passes, you conquer neighboring lands, build fortresses and magic towers, cast spells and train your heroes.

Objective of the game is to conquer lands from other players and ultimately defeat the Dark Elf, a tyrant ruling this world.

You can have lots of fun and find new friends. If you are a skilled leader, you can lead other players to victory. Playing this game is for free. To arms! More information about the game here


12. 10. 2018 13:48

Práva a výplata je Radním nastavená. Gratuluji a přeji dobré soudy.

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